The most competent and reliable technique of concrete sawing based on the application is hand sawing. Concrete hand saws are light-weighted, powered by hydraulic, petrol, or electricity and are small enough to fit where larger saws are not able to work. They offer portability, speed, and accessibility in construction fields. At Hard Cut Concrete Sawing & Drilling, we complete your project with high levels of precision and reliability using suitable methods of Hand Sawing in Sydney.

The hand saw securely and perfectly cuts concrete, concrete pipes, manholes, bricks, blocks, and many more things. These saws can also be utilized to cut flush with existing floors and walls and make the window, door, and mechanical openings. It is most helpful for inside projects with restricted working space. Here are a few reasons to consider hand sawing for concrete cutting:

Perfect for Inaccessible Areas

One of the main reasons to prefer hand sawing is to reach inaccessible areas. In many situations, our team will help you determine hand sawing is an appropriate option and the best method to adopt. The reason to choose a suitable method includes evaluating the type of setting or place where the sawing is required. If the area is unapproachable, hand sawing remains the most excellent manual solution in the market.

Our experienced specialist will take the time to inspect the property and conclude how the equipment will be used to reach a specific area.

Advanced Equipment

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, Hard Cut Concrete Sawing & Drilling ensures the use of state of the art equipment to get your job done. Hand saws need to be well-kept and are efficient to provide superior results. They can be used on electricity, gas, or hydraulic power. In certain situations, where some specific type doesn’t work, the specialist will offer another solution.

Our experts on hand can provide outstanding results, having years of expertise in handling modern equipment. It ensures clients you’ll get desired results and can rely on the work being completed.


Whether it is a tight area on a residential property or an area with petroleum fumes, Hand Cut Concrete Sawing & Drilling have a comprehensive solution for all clients. As mentioned above, it can be used to cut a variety of concrete items in compacted as well as open areas.

Hand sawing needs attention to detail and a desire to stay versatile from start to end. It requires precision and the ability to measure a material before targeting it with selected equipment. This is why you need the best specialists to fulfill your needs.

There are many more reasons to choose hand sawing over the other methods, but let the experts decide the most appropriate method for your needs. Consult our concrete cutting experts to discuss your requirement and find a suitable solution.

Types of Hand Sawing

Chain Sawing

If you want small HVAC holes, where a wall saw may not work well or other openings on the wall or floor without any overcuts, then a diamond chain saw in combination with other hand saws is the most suitable.  It is a way for our technicians to save the life and strength of the slab or wall that is to stay untouched. It is also a more economical method for some projects than any other method. Chain sawing is also helpful for making openings where it is not fit or too large for a standard saw.

The chainsaw is a particular handheld saw that enables you to make openings in masonry or concrete structures without overcutting the area. Proficiently trained operators at Hard Cut Concrete Sawing & drilling can make penetrations through concrete structures, preparing square corners, reducing over-cuts, and minimizing patchwork. The Chainsaw is actually a plunge cut that can capably cut depths up to 24”.

These chainsaws are ideal for sawing in tight areas across structural concrete for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC openings or ornamental concrete where excessive cuts would either harm the integrity or demolish the aesthetics of the finished product.

Ring Sawing

To reduce over cutting, our trained technicians make use of special ring blades that are exceptionally capable of cutting doors, windows, ventilation shafts, piles, foundations, stairwells, etc., in addition to many other finishing applications. Because this blade is not driven from the centre but from its periphery, it is able to cut up to 16” depth with just a 20” blade, making this blade capable of cutting almost as deep as its own diameter.

Manually handled sawing techniques are normally used for minor jobs, where it is faster and more cost-effective than using other sawing or drilling techniques. Hand saws are highly transportable and can work easily in small and tight areas. Hard Cut Concrete Sawing & Drilling provides hydraulic, gas, and electric hand sawing services for some typical applications, such as:

  • Making HVAC openings in brick and cinder blocks, small openings in slabs and walls, and beam pockets
  • Cutting on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Tight spaces where it is not preferable to use larger equipment
  • To make small and irregular cuts
  • To finish cutting corners that are left uneven by other saws

Safety Measures Technicians Take During Concrete Cutting

Our professional operators follow appropriate safety measures to make sure that they and the people around them stay safe when work is in progress.

  1. Identify and mark the area with accurate dimensions where to cut.
  2. Use a suitable tool for different jobs.
  3. Make sure to maintain the correct depth.
  4. Concentrate on the work by ignoring distractions.

Our professionals follow the best practices to keep people protected and be more productive.

Cutting concrete is not a small job, and it is important that it is done in a systematic manner. Keeping safety to one side; if you make a mistake when cutting concrete, it will be really difficult to undo it!

So, let our expert technicians handle it proficiently and provide you with finished and accurate results in less time. Contact Hand Cut Concrete Sawing & Drilling for Road, Ring, Core, Wall, and Hand Sawing in Sydney. Check out our website for more information about our services!

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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