To remove or alter concrete, a regulated procedure known as “concrete cutting” is used. Cutting through concrete necessitates a unique technique since it is thicker and more durable than most building materials. You will need to cut the concrete if you wish to make any repairs or enhancements to your property. Make a mistake that could end up costing you a lot of money if you don’t have the correct equipment or knowledge. For this reason, a lot of individuals rely on expert concrete cutting services in Central Coast. 

  1. Wall sawing 
    To instal new fixtures like windows or doors, it may be necessary to “wall saw” a hole in the already-existing concrete. Professional concrete cutters accomplish this by equipping their saws with diamond blades and attachments that allow them to go along pre-drawn tracks on the wall. Since cutting through a wall is such a significant project, hiring a contractor is your best bet for a clean cut and minimal disruption. 
  2. Core drilling 
    Core drilling is used by concrete cutters to create a circular hole in the material. Common examples include enhancing the ventilation of a furnace, installing new plumbing, or fixing electrical wiring. Hole sizes range from a few inches to however large is required. Even though the tools for coring a hole are probably available at your neighbourhood hardware shop, you should not attempt to do so on your own. If you don’t hire a professional concrete cutting service, you could end up causing costly damage to your home that would have cost more to remedy than the service itself. 
  3. Slab sawing 
    Slab sawing is similar to wall sawing; however, it is used to cut through the floor rather than the wall. A slab saw is used to make precise cuts in concrete slabs, such as flooring, bridge decks, roadways, and sidewalks. The slab cutter is operated by a single person who may stand behind it and watch as it works. Repairing piping that is buried beneath a concrete slab is a common reason for slab sawing. The same method can be used for plumbing, should you decide to instal a new bathroom in the basement, for example. As a final step, construction sites often call for slab sawing to remove concrete, which involves cutting big slabs out of roads or driveways. 
  4. Wire sawing 
    A concrete cutter may resort to wire sawing if none of the aforementioned options is viable. A diamond-coated wire is fed through a pulley system and then accelerated to high speeds, at which it slices through the concrete. Only skilled experts should attempt such a large-scale undertaking using this technique. 

Always call professionals for concrete cutting 

Concrete cutting in Central Coast? is best left to the pros, whether you’re a homeowner looking to instal a bathroom in your basement or a business owner in need of plumbing repairs. If you don’t have any prior experience with diamond saws, you’re not only putting yourself at risk, but you could also end up doing more harm to your property. 

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