What is concrete cutting? Concrete cutting is an everyday need for the construction industry. It is one process of drilling holes through concrete surfaces such as ceilings and walls. Due to its hardest nature, it is considered the toughest material. Why should you work with professional and experienced concrete cutting services in Wollongong? It is a highly specialized job requiring highly trained professionals and tools to handle the project.

Core Drilling:

Core drilling is a hollow and cylindrical drill used to make holes through a surface. The drill tips are usually coated with either diamond or carbide and also it is made of metal. The difference between the core drill and other cement cutting tools is that it extracts a sample from the material. Due to its hollow centre, it allows for carving out a sample from the drilled material. This type of sample is called the core sample, and also it conforms to the shape of the hollow walls of the drill. 

You can use a small core drill at home, and for building and mines, a medium-sized drill is used. Large drills are usually used to cut concrete on massive construction projects. It is also used to cut the cement, wood, rocks and ice and also core drill can penetrate various surface types.

Dry Sawing:

The dry sawing concrete cutting method is entirely used for outdoor projects. In the cutting process, this technique produces an enormous amount of dust and also, in this project, a diamond blade cutter is used. The diamond strength helps protect the blade from overheating in the absence of water. Unlike wet cutting saws, dry cutting saws give out enormous dust. The dry cutting tools of higher power are ideal for large-scale concrete jobs outdoors.

Wet Sawing:

Wet sawing is a safer concrete cutting technique than the dry sawing method. In wet sawing, water is used to help lubricate and cool your saw blade. It is characterized by dust reduction, and the safety of the operator and this saw is cool due to the water. Hence, it is one of the easiest concrete cutting methods in Wollongong.

The wet sawing technique is more environmentally friendly and won’t cause respiratory illnesses in the operators.

Wall Sawing:

Wall sawing is mainly used to cut vertical concrete structures such as walls. The saw uses high-quality diamond blades that help obtain the minimum friction level when cutting the vertical structure. Using this technique, you can easily create openings for doors and windows in the building.

 This type of cutting requires the services of a highly specialized and experienced technician. This type of saw can penetrate surfaces up to 37 inches thick. 

Floor Sawing:

Floor sawing makes perfect holes and cuts into roads, concrete payments, floors and slabs. Diesel, petrol and 3-phase electric floor saws are the various machines used for this technique. The best thing about this floor sawing is that it does not disturb the remaining concrete surface. When dealing with this type of project, you should ensure that you work with a highly specialized concrete cutting service.

Ring Sawing:

Ring saws are a hand-held tool, and this technique is most popularly used for small and medium-size concrete projects. It helps to create holes in confined spaces with high precision. For precision cutting, ring saws prevent the concrete surface from being damaged or overcut. Ring saws may easily cut through a hard surface such as granite, stone, glass, marble and acrylic.

 Wire Sawing:

Do you think wire sawing gives you accurate cuts? Wire saw has diamond embedded cables used to create different shapes in various sizes. These tools are specifically designed for highly accurate cuts or openings in steel and reinforced concrete.

Wire sawing is an anti-vibration method for cutting concrete, and also it does not create any cracks around the openings and cuts. Wire saw minimizes the wastage in the process. But you should choose a specialized concrete cutting service for this project.

Flat Sawing:

Flat sawing is otherwise known as slab sawing. It is a technique used to cut flat surfaces like floors, driveways, and decks. Some of the saws can cut through concrete up to 30 inches thick. Some saw come in gas, diesel, propane, electric and hydraulic versions.

A feature of slab saws or flat saws is the diamond blade. Diamond saws are known for producing very precious cuts, requiring less water. The main advantage of using diamond blades is that it cuts quickly and quietly than other blade materials.

Bottom Line:

Whether you want to add new blocks to your building or change something, the right selection of tools and equipment is necessary. There are numerous concrete cutting services in Wollongong, and you can choose one of the best professional services which suit your idea. 

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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