To most people, a core driller is someone who specializes in drilling holes in masonry and brickwork. While this is indeed true (it is the major job description of a core drilling expert, after all), this is NOT the only thing core drillers do. 

There is so much to the job of core drillers than simply “drilling holes into things”, and if you are looking to employ one, it is important to know the complete scope of their job. This will help you better understand how they operate, which would help you separate the novices from the pros.

So what exactly are the other services these experts offer? Here are 5 of the major services you should expect from any reputable core drilling experts in Sydney.

  1. Good deals on your drilling jobs

If your ideal core drilling company is as good as they say, then they should offer you only the best deals on your jobs. They’d also do everything in their power to make sure your core drilling jobs get completed as fast as possible. 

Whether or not it’s an expansion cutting job or a road sawing job, they’d be fine with delivering top-notch services that won’t affect your schedule and the structural integrity of your surface.

  1. Various core drilling jobs

Cutting concrete shouldn’t be the only thing your ideal core drilling specialist is good for. They must be able to handle core drillings on other surfaces like wood, masonry and even rocks. Try checking out the service section on their website to get a rough idea of the list of services they offer. 

If anything, they should be able to help you   with:

  • Hand sawing jobs:

The hand saw is a versatile saw coupled with a diamond-tipped blade and suited for fast cutting many materials. If your drill hole is just a few inches wide, the hand saw is the way to go.

  • Ring sawing jobs:

The ring saw could be thought of as the intermediate between the handheld saw and a mounted one. However, in this case, it’s only used if you need a deeper cut into your masonry/surface. Your core drilling specialist will use this machine if you’re looking to cut doorway openings and windows in double brick walls or other surfaces of intermediate thickness (like concrete slabs or smaller sized timber).

  • Expansion cutting jobs:

Expansion cutting is used mainly on freshly poured concrete or green concrete. Diamond tipped blades are usually used for this job. However, the concrete is cut at multiple internals to reduce the cracking (since it’s green concrete) and ease the internal stress caused by the shrinkage of the slab. 

  • Wall sawing jobs:

The wall saw is a core drilling machine bolted to walls, slabs or floors and are used to produce precise cuts into walls of various thicknesses. It could also be used in wall demolitions. 

  • Diamond core drilling jobs:

These machines are the real deal | the diamond core drilling machines are capable of drilling perfect holes in any type of material 一 be it concrete, wood, masonry/bricks, stone and others. Some powerful diamond-tipped core drillers are known to drill into concrete with reinforced steel. 

The diamond core driller is the machine to use when dealing with plumbing holes, electrical conducts, fence posts, air conditioning ducts and floors. 

In your next interview with your core driller specialist, make sure you inquire on which drilling technique they intend to use on your job and how they plan on executing it. At least now you know how they should respond.

  1. Affordable pricing on each job

Any reputable core driller in Sydney should charge affordable service charges to their customers. So, if yours is charging you much higher than what you think he should charge you, he’s likely taking his shot at a one-off with your money. On the other hand, watch out for those who charge way too low. They could be scammers under the guise of core drillers. 

Typically, core drillers charge based on the number of holes you drill. So, the more holes you’ve to drill, the more money they’ll charge you. To avoid being shortchanged, get accurate quotes on their core drilling prices. 

100% on-time delivery

Before hiring your ideal client, make sure to find out all you can about them from their past clients. Do they complete their work on time? Or would they affect your plans? 

All these plus countless other questions are all you need to find out from their past clients.

  1. Expert knowledge when handling each job

You’d agree with the fact that it’s almost common to have issues develop during a core drilling operation. Wouldn’t you? If you’ve ever managed an operation before, then you’d have a good idea of what issues may develop during the operation. This is where experience comes in. It all depends on how well a driller can handle the situation. Try testing them with a minor job (if time permits) and see how they handle it. From there, you’d be able to judge their level of experience. 

Wrapping it up!

Before calling it quits, make sure you conduct a suitable interview with your ideal core driller to figure out (and also estimate) their weaknesses and strengths. If you have other questions about what a professional specialist in core drilling in Sydney should give you, contact us today to help you out!

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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