Ring Sawing

Need to saw hard concrete surfaces in places too small to utilize a road saw? Do you find a hand saw less effective than you would like, or do you require cuts deeper than what a hand saw can produce? If so, then our Ring Sawing service is just for you.

Our Ring Sawing service involves the use of ring saws which are powerful handheld saws capable of making precise cuts up to 26 cm deep. These equipment are perfect for cutting:

  • Concrete walls
  • Steel walls
  • Brick walls
  • Steel doors
  • Double brick walls
  • Concrete slabs

This is the perfect option for cutting services that require quick, precise, and deep cuts, but are inaccessible to road saws. If you need any such service, then our Ring Sawing Service is your best bet.

At Hard Cut Concrete Sawing and Drilling, our ring sawing services are carried out with only the best available equipment. Like all our other equipment, our ring saws are all kept at optimum condition, and are only handled by experienced technicians, making sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. Need any such concrete or hard surface cutting services? Then Hard Cut Concrete Sawing and Drilling is the right place to be.

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