Material Required for Cutting Concrete

Concrete has found its way to our everyday life. The house we live in, the roads we walk on, our workplaces etcetera. In essence, we can’t do without seeing some form of concrete every day.

Spectacular concrete structures all require some form of unique cutting technique which help them take on their breathtaking shape. A circular saw equipped with a corundum or diamond blade is the most widely appreciated tool for cutting concrete into the exotic shapes you see every day.

You should also know concrete cutting is no easy job at all, talk less of it being expensive and dangerous if not handled carefully. For this reason, it is better to leave things in the hands of a professional concrete cutting. If you would rather do things yourself, ensure you don’t click on another link and stay with this post as it gives you the information you seek.

Material needed for cutting concrete

Circular Saw

Circular saws are usually equipped with a diamond or corundum blade and are efficient for cutting through the concrete of a certain degree. They are also classified into various types based on situations in which they are being used. Some of the types and classifications are:

Based on how they are handled

  • Small, handheld concrete saw
  • A bigger walk-behind concrete saw

Based on how the saw is powered

  • Gas-powered concrete saw
  • Electric-powered concrete saw
  • Battery-powered concrete saw

Based on the nature of the job

  • Chainsaw and ring saw
  • Floor saw
  • Wall saw
  • Wire saw

There are some things to consider when purchasing a concrete saw.

  • Ensure you consider the amount of torque you will need for handling the nature of jobs you will be using the saw for.
  • Consider the battery life of your saw if you are considering a battery-powered saw.
  • Get to know about your cord length if you are opting in for a plug-in electric concrete saw.
  • It would be nice to get a concrete saw built-in with a laser guide if your jobs involve linear cutting.

Corundum masonry blade (CMB)

While the corundum masonry blade is a good choice for a budget-friendly job, it also comes with its disadvantages and advantages. A corundum masonry blade is made of wear-resistant steel outer layer with corundum segments integrated into a rubbery layer on the inside. This helps reduce friction between the contact surface. This, in turn, prolongs the lifespan of the blade.

Diamond Masonry Blade (DMB)

Diamond saw blades consist of a steel core and diamond segments. This has a similar composition with the CMB with the only difference being the material used for tipping the saw. This is more expensive to get but is worth the price.


The sledgehammer is the contemporary tool used for breaking up concrete. The sledgehammer is usually used after scoring a slab with a saw for breaking the concrete into approximately equal parts. The hammer is also used for breaking individual portions into pieces and vary according to head weight and handle length.

The sledgehammer is also the number one tool when it comes to breaking up concrete. A little elbow grease should make things a lot easier.

Dust mask

This is not used in the direct cutting of your concrete slabs but is as important as the circular saw. You shouldn’t joke with safety when it comes to heavy-duty construction work. Putting on a dust mask helps protect your face from the dust coming off hardened, dry concrete.

Safety glasses

It is bound to be sparking during concrete cutting. Putting on safety glasses should help protect your eyes from exposure to the harmful bright light.

Chalk line

The chalk line is effective in marking long, straight lines between points that are spaced far away on a flat surface. They are usually used in distance impossible to be measured by hand.

Cold chisel

The cold chisel is used for cutting cold surfaces usually metal, concrete and the likes. The name cold chisel was given simply because blacksmiths used them to cut metals while they were cold when compared to other tools they used to cut hot metal. They can be used together with the sledgehammer for cutting concrete slabs.

Wet-cutting masonry saw

The wet-cutting masonry saw is a type of saw that makes use of water for cooling the cutting blade and also for washing out particles removing dust. This allows the saw to make deeper cuts thereby making it the go-to tool when the circular saw has failed.

Tape measure

The tape measure is used for what the tape measure is used for. Measuring, you need some sort of length measuring tool for getting distances between two ends of a slab or wall.


Now that you know all about the tools you need to cut concrete, ensure you maintain them well as they will come in handy during the next concrete cutting job. Greasing, cleaning with appropriate solutions, proper storage as well as restraining from unnecessary usage will make your tools stand the test of time.

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