Concrete has served and been serving humanity for centuries. It’s because the material is used to create structures and long-lasting roads that don’t need much maintenance. Despite being there for a long time, you can see the damage and other problems in concrete than in other materials. In this context, knowing more about concrete cutting will help you to decide on tearing up any concrete portion. Concrete cutting helps you to remove the old structure and build a new one or to make a few design changes. If you need Concrete Cutting in Wollongong, you should know some basics of concrete cutting, and some of them are given below: 

What is concrete cutting? 

In simple terms, concrete cutting is a process that modifies or removes concrete. Concrete is much stronger and thicker than many construction materials in construction. Therefore, it needs a special process if there is a need for cutting it. Concrete cutting is the best way to make any repairs or improvements to your property. You will need to cut the concrete in an appropriate way for the process to be done perfectly. Without the necessary equipment and expertise, there is much possibility that there can be a costly mistake. Therefore, it becomes necessary to hire a professional cutting service. 

Slab or flat sawing 

Flat or slab sawing uses a very special saw that sits on top of the concrete. The saw cuts through the upper layer of the concrete, anywhere from several feet deep and a few inches. Flat or slab sawing is best for removing concrete surfaces, and less vibration is felt during this process. The slab sawing is mostly used to remove the damaged concrete surface, and it will make the repairing process easier. You can also use this type of sawing to run the pipes and in other types of concrete slabs. Once installed, then new concrete is poured over the section. 

Wall sawing 

Cutting a hole in already existing concrete to add things like windows or doors is known as wall sawing. A huge diamond blade that can cut all the way through the saw to follow a track on the wall will be used. Only the expert concrete cutter can accomplish this task. Wall sawing is a significant task, so you will need the skill to complete it correctly and with minimal mess. So, it is best to appoint experts to do this task. 

Core drilling 

Core drilling creates holes in concrete similarly to conventional drilling. Specialty bits for smooth cuts with no dust or harm to the surrounding concrete are designed for core drills. Tunnels are created through core drilling. In order to run pipes, conduit, vents, drains, wiring, and other components through concrete without destroying the concrete slab itself. Concrete slabs that need to be removed can also be broken up using drilling. This method removes big chunks of concrete without the noise and vibration of jackhammers. 

Wire sawing 

Finally, a concrete cutter may use wire sawing if none of the aforementioned techniques is practical for any reason. In this technology, the concrete is sliced using a diamond-tipped wire that travels via a pulley system at high speed. Only skilled specialists who are working on complicated projects should use this technique. For your Concrete Cutting in Wollongong, you can choose any of these types that suit your building. 

The functionality of the concrete cutter 

A concrete cutter does more things than just simply cutting the concrete. The person who is cutting the concrete will evaluate the concrete needing cutting and overall thickness. A concrete cutter will also note the reason for the fabrication. It is to decide whether that’s to create the opening or because you need to remove the damaged concrete. This will give an idea about the tools and equipment to be used in the job. Once the inspection and evaluation are completed, the concrete cutter will use the right equipment for the precise cuts. This might take longer than expected, as they need to work around the obstructions. However, whatever your needs for drilling and cutting the concrete, they can offer expert cuts with little vibration or mess. 

How long will the concrete last? 

If you want the concrete to replace and remove the damaged areas not long after the material is poured, you can do it immediately. But the well-set concrete should last at least 30 to 100 years, sometimes even more than that. It is all up to the maintenance of the concrete. In most cases, the old concrete can even be added to new mixtures because of the durability of the materials. Invest in the most reliable concrete installer and avoid any drive-away in your property and other installations. This will help your property to last longer. 

Bottom Line 

These are some of the basic facts you should know if you need the service of Concrete Cutting in Wollongong. Don’t forget that safety also plays a major role in concrete cutting, try an experienced and professional cutter who can ensure safety. 

Disclaimer: This is generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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