Concrete cutting is a project that may necessitate the use of a variety of instruments. A good concrete hand saw is the most important equipment for modest to medium-sized jobs. Hand sawing equipment for cutting concrete comes in a variety of styles. Each of them requires a unique set of abilities to operate. You may be disappointed with the results of your project if you do not have the right equipment. As a result, you must exercise caution while picking the best handsaws for the job. This article provides an overview of the many types of hand sawing equipment available for use in concrete cutting projects. Get in touch with our team for hand sawing in Wollongong.

Choosing the Best Type of Handsaw

Before beginning a job, it is critical to determine the sort of saw you will use to finish it. There are numerous distinct varieties, however, all saws are created from two specific designs. The first kind is known as a rip saw, while the second is known as a crosscut saw. When beginning a job that needs sawing, it is strongly advised that you have both types of saws on hand. It’s useful to understand the distinction between the two. You’ll know which one to use for each chunk of concrete you’re going to cut that way. This allows you to select the appropriate saw for each cut.

Examining Your Hand Saws

Before you use a concrete handsaw, there are seven things you must do. You might accidentally hurt yourself if you don’t. At the absolute least, you might make mistakes with your cuts that cost you a lot of money. As a result, you must take some measures. This guarantees that you have the highest possibility of finishing your job without mishap.

The first step is to ensure that the teeth of the saw are evenly spaced. If you don’t secure this, you might end up curving to the left or right. This holds even if you pull and push it straight. Check to see if the blade itself is straight. The same phenomenon may happen with the smallest bend or bow. You may make blunders as a result of it.

Check to see if the teeth are truly sharp. Simply running your finger over the top of the blades will do. Take caution not to injure yourself. Simply do that to ensure that the teeth grabbed on your flesh. This demonstrates that they have been sharpened as they should be. Once the blade is in position, check that the saw is balanced and comfortable in your hand. It should not be top-heavy, and it should not be difficult to hold. This might have an impact on your straight and true sawing actions, which will assist you in making the perfect cut.

Final inspections include inspecting the blade crown and the saw’s built-in tension with the blade. Make certain that it is fairly adaptable. If all of these critical factors have previously been examined, you are now ready to begin your project. With all of the checks completed, you may now be confident in making the best cuts every time a hand sawing in Wollongong occurs.

Cutting Techniques

When you’re ready to make your cuts after marking your cutline on the concrete, start with your thumb or knuckle as a guide. This helps to ensure that your cut begins straight. If you’re using a crosscut saw, start your cut with the teeth closest to the handle itself. This is because it will provide you with the most control. You’ll be ready to make the appropriate strokes after a few rapid cuts to notch into the concrete. If you’re using a rip saw, you should do the reverse. This is because you will be using the finer teeth positioned farthest away from the handle.

Examine the angle of the saw once this is completed. As you saw the concrete back and forth, make sure to keep it at 45° at all times. Always keep your elbows as near to your torso as possible for maximum leverage. People have a habit of angling the blade away from their bodies. This issue may be avoided by keeping your elbow close to your body. It will also provide you with enough power to cut through nearly any sort of concrete without exerting too much effort. You will be able to gently cut the stone or concrete you have indicated as long as you hold the saw properly, with your fingers extended and your strokes are deep and smooth.


A hand sawing instrument is not always designed for concrete cutting operations. There will be occasions when you will need to handsaw a section of your property’s concreted area. This job may necessitate the use of a qualified expert equipped with concrete-specific hand sawing power equipment. You can get in touch with our team for hand sawing in Wollongong.

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