Hand Sawing

Something all the cutting services you might need might just require the use of a good hand-held saw. This is why we at Hard Cut Concrete Sawing and Drilling provide top class Hand Sawing services to our clients.

At Hard Cut Concrete Sawing and Drilling, our Hand Sawing services are the best there is to offer. With the use of our powerful, state-of-the-art handheld cutting equipment like the Petrol Handheld saw, you can be sure of precise, perfect cuts.

Our equipment at Hard Cut Concrete Sawing and Drilling are all kept in perfect condition, and our hand saws are no different. With our diamond tipped handheld saws and our other such equipment, all of which are kept in pristine shape, we are more than capable of cutting any surface.

Our hand sawing services can be used for the following:

  • Creating square, rectangular, and other such shaped cuts in walls and grounds
  • Cutting for demolition
  • Cutting for expansion
  • Cutting off obstructions
  • And so on

At Hard Cut Concrete Sawing and Drilling, our hand sawing services are perfect for making straight cuts up to 15cm deep. If you need concrete or hard cutting services of any of the kinds mentioned above, then our Hand Sawing services is just perfect for you.

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