While doing construction or renovation, concrete installations can be a complex task. Concrete cutting is one of the processes of drilling holes through concrete surfaces such as ceilings and walls. Concrete is considered one of the toughest materials due to its hardened nature. Hence, Concrete cutting on the central coast is a highly specialised job that needs highly trained professionals and tools to handle the project. Special tools and equipment are needed to get the job done without harming the underground electrical channels and other utilities that run through the concrete. It will help if you work with a professional and experienced concrete cutter when dealing with any concrete cutting project. Listed below are the different types of concrete cutting machinery:

Dry Sawing 

This form of concrete cutting is only utilised for outside constructions. During the cutting process, the method produces a tremendous amount of dust. These projects need the use of a diamond blade cutter. The strength of the diamond helps to shield the blade from overheating in the absence of water.

Dry cutting tools provide more power, suitable for large-scale concrete projects outside. Dry-cut saws give out a huge amount of dust, unlike wet-cut ones. You may also expect tiny flying concrete chips when cutting with a dry saw. That is why it is significant that the professional cutting technician uses the right protective gear when using this method to cut concrete.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is mostly used to cut vertical concrete constructions like building walls. With this approach, you may easily make openings for doors and windows in building. Many companies offer Concrete cutting on the central coast for those who do not want to do the cutting by themselves. They have high-quality diamond blades that help get the minimum level of friction when cutting the vertical structure.

Flat Sawing

Concrete cutting contractors use a method called flat sawing to saw horizontal surfaces. A 400Hz electric saw is used in this sophisticated process to cut cement or asphalt sheets up to 24 inches thick. As a high-powered, lightweight saw, it has increased production rates by five times over the past few years. It is also known as a slab saw and can be used to cut floors, bridge decks, expansion joints, and pavement. They are also used to break up and remove concrete for demolition, clean and prepare cracks for rehabilitation, and remove damaged pavement portions.

Flat saws are useful for cutting and removing concrete outside, but they can also be used indoors. This is very common because they are quiet and produce less dust than a regular saw. Flat saws are extremely quick and precise, making them excellent cutting saws for construction companies.

Ring Sawing

Contractors typically utilise ring saws for small and medium-sized concrete jobs because they are handheld instruments. Contractors use this method to make holes and openings in restricted locations. This method allows for high-precision hole development while avoiding damage to the concrete surface or overcutting. A ring saw can easily cut through hard surfaces like granite, stone, glass, marble, and acrylic. When dealing with such a project, make sure you use a certified professional concrete cutter.

Wire Sawing 

Cutting concrete using a wire saw is an anti-vibration method. This method makes highly accurate cuts in steel and reinforced concrete. You should not look any farther than the wire sawing technique if you want to make a variety of forms in various sizes. These instruments work by utilising diamond-encrusted cables. It reduces the amount of waste produced during the procedure. As a result, there are no cracks around the openings and cuts. However, you should use a specialised concrete cutting service for this project.

Hydraulic Chain Saws 

Concrete cutting equipment, such as hydraulic saws, are similar to their woodworking counterparts in many aspects. This arrangement combines hydraulic pressure with a regular chainsaw, similar to how nail guns work. The major difference is that the chain is designed to cut concrete and brick, and it also has a lubricating water supply line. While these instruments can make large cuts on their own, they are frequently used with wall sawing to complete long cuts that link at corners.

Floor Sawing 

The floor sawing method is used to cut holes into concrete roads, decks, and bridges. The key advantage of this procedure is that it does not disrupt the existing concrete surface. This technique should be used if you need irregular sizes and shapes cut out of hard concrete surfaces. This project can be completed with various machinery, including diesel, gasoline, and 3-phase electric floor saws. 

Bottom Line:

Concrete cutting plays a major role in the developed technologies. You may come to know how important concrete cutting is in Central Coast. The above listed are some of the different types of concrete cutting currently available, and most professionals use these types. 

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